A Deviant Account?!

Miki-san really do think about me! \(o^^o)/

She even made me a DeviantArt account!

I really have the best owner in the world! Even Masaru-kun didn’t expect it 🙂

She did a lot for me… so I have to try my best too! >3<

Oh, Miki-san gonna say something! Ooooh, it’s her first time using  my blog, hehe 😀


In Masami-san’s account, all of her pictures and song covers will be put there.

Even some little sweet moments with us. 🙂

Masami-san is deciding to have a picture with me and her pet bird, Masaru-kun. I can’t say no to my darling child so we’ll be taking it  AFTER her first cover of Innocence will be uploaded in YouTube.


See!! Miki-san loves me!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So after May 12, we’ll be having a family picture! Wow.. this is my first time having a family picture. Miki-san said it’s to commemorate my birth this April 14. Oh! We might do it on the 15th of May.

Her father’s birthday is on the same day of my cover. 🙂 But she has time for all of us! Wait… since my ママ is Miki-san.. that means her father is my grandpa? 😮 But he’s only 38 turning 39 as told by Miki-san! And Miki-san never lies. ^^ That’s why I love her so much! It’s weird I’m calling my mommy by her nickname ^^




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