Innocence Cover done~

Yeeeyy!! I’m done with my first cover! \(o^^o)/ Miki-san is now currently editing it and making it more beautiful! Wah.. I have such a loving owner :3 Miki-san said it turned out very, very nice. Even without the edits. I tried listening to it and WOAH! Miki-san has epic editing skills >:3 She even put echos!! 😀

Have a listen of my cover

Miki-san said, we’ll be doing the video next. So I have to pretty myself up and get my official clothes. Miki-san just finished making my clothes, and they look cute!

Oh! Miki-san is calling me again, I have to try out my clothes. Hehe… Masaru is covering his eyes.. such a gentleman.. or gentleparrotman..? 😮



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